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Entry #7

New art

2010-11-14 19:19:54 by nole61

My art is out and it is goood the art will be in the post

New art


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2010-11-14 19:20:13

jk lol


2010-11-14 19:25:56

flying armadillosXD


2010-11-14 19:27:12

I like the red dot. best part.


2010-11-21 19:28:17

Dudes are you looking at the actual art? If so are you drunk/high/in withdrawal?


2010-11-27 07:31:16

It's not that bad compared to your last stuff, I woudn't be suprised if this was just another band story art or whatever. It doesn't suck like that thing that BURMED MY EYES though.... One another topic, your aura should be dark.